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Sleep And Health ( The Chasing Shadows)

World health day is celebrated on 7th April every year under the auspices of WHO (the worldwide watchdog of human health) to guarantee dignified and healthy life to every human being irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, caste, region or religion. This year’s theme is “universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere”. Despite the plenty of health care measures by WHO and health services of every country, the irony is that everyone who needs health care does not receive or get it. Further, millions of people particularly in African and Asian countries are yet to receive the basic health care facilities and food.

In this write-up I shall be dealing with the sleep and its everlasting effect on our health. Sleep is a physiological state of mind and body for reducing the interaction with the human surroundings as a means of natural adaptation to primarily suspend the voluntary bodily functions during sleep hours. Sleep deprivation is therefore, the root cause of so many human health issues and diseases. The obstacles and factors to get an optimum sleep are many ranging from stress to diseases. During the last one or two decades use of smart phones and lap tops is considered big jolt to our health by pushing our sleep timing into late hours in the night due to habit of using these electronic gadgets on average one or two hours within the bedtime. Another problem is keeping the smart phones near to our sleeping pillows throughout the night hours. These smart phones emit light falling in the blue spectrum and has been found to cause suppression of sleep hormones, thereby depriving us of precious sleep hours.

Sleep is a vital indicator of normal well-being and plays a housekeeping role to detoxify the human body and boost the development of immunity. Insomnia or sleeplessness is a root cause of many human diseases and sleep deprivation results into various behavioral, metabolic and physiological consequences. Good health is not possible without immunity and optimum immunity is not possible without adequate sleep. The communication between the nervous and immune system are mediated by various signals (neurotransmitters, hormones and cytokines) and thus provide the basis for the primary influence of sleep on various immune processes. Research has shown that people who get inadequate sleep also tended to have lower levels of immune cells particularly the natural killer cells-the important component of immunity against self-altered, virus infected and tumorous cells in human beings. Similarly, cytokines (regulators of immune system) influence the spontaneous and infection-associated sleep (sleep problems are common during various infections and diseases).

The internal body clock of our body called as circadian rhythm regulates the 24-hour cycle of biological processes including sleeping patterns such as when we sleep and when we wake. How much sleep do we really need for a healthy life has always been on the frontline of research? An eight hour night sleep is considered to be an optimum requirement for the healthy life, however, the requirement varies as per the health condition and is more for the infants and children. The circadian genes and clock genes are involved in the regulation and functioning of circadian rhythm in human body. There are various genetically associated sleep disorders and many mutated genes have been found which result in the fragmented and altered sleep in human body. Therefore, sleep patterns and behaviour vary across individuals due to genetic makeup as well as due to cultural and environmental factors.

Our immune system is strategically designed to protect us from day to day trauma and common diseases like colds and flu. Less or lack of sleep makes us more prone to catching colds and the flu because inflammatory cytokines increase under such physiological conditions driven by less sleep commonly known as ‘cytokine storm’(over-reaction of immune system). Research has shown that the best treatment to get rid of flue and influenza like symptoms in our body is adequate rest and sleep. Adequate sleep keeps our immune systems always primed for attack and protection. Therefore, having a strong immune system is very important for dealing with flue and other related illness in human beings. Ample research studies have shown that our T-cells (special type of immune cells responsible for cell-mediated immunity to deal with particulate and cell bound antigens) go down if we are sleep deprived. Sleep helps in the healing process, which is purely an immunological response of our body towards various types of trauma. Lack of adequate sleep results into its improper functioning or suppresses immune functioning.

There is also a strong link between sleep deprivation and cardiovascular diseases including diabetes and obesity. Recent research suggests that sleep-deprived people are at higher risk of dying from heart disease than people who get adequate sleep. Because more the sleep loss, higher are the levels of C-Reactive Proteins (CRP) in the body, responsible for elevating incidence of heart disease due to marked increase in inflammation. There is a strong evidence that accumulation of various types of lymphocytes (special immune cells) in lymph nodes occurs during night sleep. Therefore, getting optimum night sleep helps in boosting the production and development of our immune cells. Further, research has also shown that a single night of normal sleep after vaccination strengthens the natural immune response against an invading antigen.

To conclude, the old slogan of “early to bed and early to rise” with an adequate sleep duration makes sense and going to sleep at the same time every day and waking up at the same time is, therefore, an indication of strong immunity and healthy life. Therefore, to discourage the late night bed time and late morning wake time is the key to a healthy life.



What a perfect bliss it is, when two lovers hold on to life nothing but each other. Love is composed of one soul within, inhabited between two individuals, who are imperfect and opposite by nature. We know that we are most alive when we sense the affection of true eternal love and become courageous to live according to its values no matter what.

One Evening! It was a lovely winter. Sun was just setting and you could see a plethora of people walking by the side. The sea was silent and the waves were just hitting the shores. You are happy being there and cherishing each moment. Just as you are about to soak things within you, you can see something beyond the ordinary. You see a couple holding hands and walking and smiling at each other. You can see the twinkle in their eyes. As if this can’t be true, you end up spending some more time observing this lovely couple. You notice that these two are indeed in love.

You are astonished because you are alone and might want to feel the same way. You immediately start judging yourself. Why it never worked out for you? What went wrong in your relationship? Do you want to have a perfect relationship yourself? Are you missing love from your life as well? Then you are at a perfect space as we dive into how a right relationship can be built.

Let us understand – “Every small little things happening in your life influence your behavior”. To remove emotional blocks in Love or to create a right relationship we must fall under these categories.

1st and foremost rule – If you are in Love – Learn to embrace the imperfection in a person

Imperfection does not make a person inferior. Accept the person completely knowing he/she possess a combination of qualities. Instead of bringing attention to your partner’s weakness, view them as a blessing in your life might nobody can love you the way your partner does.

Learn to communicate effectively with each other

Do you communicate with each other with openness without being judged? The secret of a good relationship is to be able to communicate with your partner freely about your feelings, thoughts, hurts and complaints. The communication needs to be non-judgmental and one should not feel fear of condemn, attack or lecture.

Develop Trust and Faith

Every relationship is built on trust and faith. Doubt till you build trust but once you trust, don’t doubt. Take your time to ask enough questions about business, career, work or any other stuff so that you are fully aware of the nature of your partner and his/her overall attitude. Once you know that, have immense trust in your partner. A trusted partner always delivers to your expectations.

Have complete faith in your partner and in your abilities to stand up to his trust. Believe that everything is in order and is happening in perfect synchronicity.

Pay attention to your partner’s needs

The most beautiful relationship is the one you share with your partner. Make sure that all your partner’s needs are heard and possibly taken care of. Give undivided attention to your partner’s thought process and ideas

Express appreciation constantly

Every day, tell your partner what and why you love him/her so much. I am still struggling to do that however, I found this to be really useful. Think of it, you have someone in your life, who loves you immensely and tells you why he/she loves you. Wouldn’t that bring us more happiness and joy and feelings of gratitude for everything in our life? Wouldn’t we fall in deep love with the person?

Learn how to handle disagreements intelligently

Every relationship comes with a share of disagreements. A relationship is never complete without arguments and debates. In fact, disagreements is what keeps the relationship going. Remember, intelligence goes for a toss when emotions are at play. So never talk or sound logical during debates. Allow things to cool down before you can talk about intelligence and logic.

There are so many ways, we can really enrich our partner’s lives. After all, what is life without having an enriched soul and a perfect relationship with the person we love?


“When our house was completed,three storeys high,We decided to fly the National flag from the highest point on the the Terrace said by Siraj khan, his arm in a sling,his feet unsteady,head still giddy. “And yet they told us to go to Pakistan”

I asked ” Why should we go to Pakistan”. What we have to do with Pakistan? This is my country and We Love it,Still look what they did to us.

Siraj elder brother,now the patriarch of the family,partly disabled,wept inconsolably as we sat with them.He pressed his head against my shoulder.I dont know “what will happen to my family ” he cried, ” How will I keep my family safe”.

The conversation went back to the flag still fluttering on their rooftop. ” I dont fly the flag outside my home.I said We know that you love the country but flying national flag is not an obligation.

Siraj countered ” We didnot plant the flag to prove anything. We love our country too much and always want to see my country flag flying in air.Siraj love for the country almost flattered me but on the contrary, What happened with his family is still a disgraced question on everyone of us.

The society see him a Muslim rather than Indian.But question is What’s wrong if he is a muslim.Does celebrating Holi or Diwali gives anyproof about being an Indian.Then why celebrating Eid is still a dark question of doubt over people like Siraj.

Siraj love to celebrate Diwali with his school friend shubham,Every festival he comes to Shubham’s home and they celebrate Diwali ,from pooja to bursting crackers.Readers There should not be an inches doubt over Siraj loyality and love for his nation but ideologies of few people to see muslims is still a dark shadow of their mentality.


On Holi,Mar 21 the four brothers ,their wives and children had all gathered at Siraj home.The women were in the kitchen cooking,the older man gossipying,the girls playing around the house.The boys decided to play cricket in vacant plot in front of their home.Some of them were just 3 or 5 years old.

Suddenly,Nine men in their 20s arrived on 3 motocycle,their faces smeared with holi colours.They seemed intoxicated. Unprovoked,they insulted boys ,calling them MULLAS ,Slur for muslims and threateningly asked them to got to Pakistan.One of older boysgot into an argument,and the men roughed him up.Frightened ,the boy pleaded “We will stop playing.We will never play here”.

Nearly an hour later , a large grop of men holding identical tall wooden stick gathered around house,shouting abuse and taunting family to go to Pakistan.Some carry sword,hockey stick,one even blandished a pistol.

The family member began screamingly in terror as men immediately started thrashing the men with the stick and started beating every member of the family.The whole family was crestfallen,they destroyed everything.This is a small depiction of violent incident happened with the Siraj family by the Mobs.

Readers what will you call this incident? An act of terrorism but terrorism is what comes from Muslim yeah …Well ask youself , you are more smarter.

Readers do you know about Indonesia? Country with a largest population of muslims so saying a Siraj “Go back to Pakistan ” makes no sense.Dont you think it veils the pathetic perception of yours.”Go To Pakistan” itself says lot about you.Now you give the proof to be an Indian.

Its something shame,that in 21st century qhere Germans and French are competing in their business outlooks,The USA is working in leading the world.We Indians are still busy in our Obnoxious delusion of Indo-Pak religion blame game.

And Questioning Siraj Nationality is something a crow mentality thats need to be criticised a lot.Lets not make the religion as a Identity for the nation.

India is a diverse country,The charming beauty of the country itself lies in the fact that it has diverse sets of people,language ,Dress,food ,culture ,religion and many more.And Questioning or omitting any one will give a proof of yours identity.

NO MATTER,if you are Siraj ,Altaaf,kamal,Andrew. If the blood in you has a smell of India .Nobody can omit it.

Jai Hind.

“Blockchain”-Technology explained

Its been the time when Satoshi Nakomura in 2008 came up with the semi-generis piece of concept.Over the decades,Technology came up with the advancement and range of applications.

With this article,I will try to explain the technology webbed in the Blockchain.

Readers, Do you find any faults in the current Banking system .Dont you think its still giving a taste of primitive Carcenea? Well think and drop the answers in the comments section below?

For now I will tell you the common shortcomings in the above system.

1▪︎ HIGH TRANSACTIONAL FEES– This is what something everyone of you have realised,when you deposit some money in your account ,Bank or 3rd party always charge huge fees for service.Just for an example-

Suppose Mr.KB deposited $500 in bank and further Bank lends $490 to Mr.SHUBHAM so where is the remaining $2 .Can you guess?

Do you know JP MORGAN,BANK OF AMERICA,WELL FORGO earn $6M from just a piece of this fees.

2▪︎ BUTTER TO HACK- Readers you might be knowing, how the system lures the hacker to hack the crumbling chain.

3▪︎ DOUBLE SPENDING- Now this is something very uncommon for most of you .


Mr. KB has $500 in his account and he tries to send $400 to Mr.SHUBHAM and $250 to Mr.KABIR

NOW,500 +250=650$,kb has just $500 then how it is possible.Well it can be possible if your data is not encrypted and thereby fills another hole in a system.

Let me introduce you to the first decentralized digital currency -The “BITCOIN” and mind you the blockchain is the spine of bitcoin.

Blockchain technology is the digital technology that uses cryptography to control,manage and analyse the transaction of users, pack it in a block and attach it to a chain forming Blockchain.Confusion! If yes drop your comments.

So how Bitcoin can solve all these issues.

1▪︎ Decentralized power: There is no supreme party to claim .You can just be a part of it not the boss.

2▪︎Public ledger: The technology provides extreme transparency to the network and user by providing the individual transactional ledger to everyone in the chain.

3▪︎ Immutable to hack- As the technology uses extremely complex encrypted codes , p2p (peer to peer network) and complex algorithmics which is almost impossible to crack.

4▪︎ Double Spending- The use of P2P network and provision of public ledger completely resists the chances of double spendings.

5▪︎ No Transactional Fees


Suppose James want to send $500 to paul then before sending ,the james account is verified by Mrs Lisa and Mr Robert who are Bitcoin miners.By cracking complex algorithms ,Mathematical problems,Miners try to analyse and verify the transactional history of James.If the record is clear and If James account has more or equal to $500 then only transaction is done.

Then What Mrs Lisa and Robert get In-lieu of it.They will get Bitcoin Incentives as a reward.Anybody of us can be the Bitcoin miners but mind you the job is too complex in itself.Moving further-



Now all those above elements are for providing the encryption and decryption of accounts details and the user identity and lot more and to provide transparency in the system.

Mind you BlockChain is just a path for Bitcoin to perform.

Blockchain itself has too many applications

  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Law Enforcement
  • Voting
  • IoTs
  • Online of Music
  • Real estate

To know further about BlockChain,Comment below in the section. Thankyou

“Purity of Mind ,Intellect and Soul”

Have you attain the eternal divinity? Have you seen the God? Well answer to this is quite Difficult and itself unveiled in its complex pyschological strings.

The convergence of mind ,Intellect and Soul to rebuild true humanity is itself a Takeshi’s task said by Dr.Ramakrishna.With Mind comes thoughts and thoughts are the potter that plays role in moulding your mind.Imbibing Positive thoughts and ideas reshape your mind.Positive mind always have a clear perception over a things. They can see a world from Cat eye.In the world full of problems the positive mind always comes up with a solution.Now thats not something very easy so here comes the role of Intellect.

By Intellect,one should not jump onto the knowledge.Yes knowledge is a element but not the only one.Infact Intellect is a bus that carries knowledge ,wisdom,experiences ,choices and many more in it.

Intelletual person are always successful; Why? When positive Mind works parallely with your informal education,then choices of error becomes relatively low thereby probability of success tends to shoot high but if somehow any element among two goes missing ,then you could probably land yourself in trouble.

Then comes a soul,The umbrella under which humanity lies.

“Everybody has a soul” is a myth

Soul is a eternal drop in you that can take you to the path of divinity.But just with the soul in your carrybag you cannot book a flight for divinity.Well dont forget Mind and Intellect so I will come to what I have said earlier.The convergence of Mind,Intellect and Soul.

Soul is that matchstick in your body ,that needs to light up.Then the question comes how to light up ? DR.Kalaam once said that helping others selflessly can take you from hell to heaven in a no time.Selfless service without ego or greed is only the lighter which you have, to light your internal match stick.

Mind relflecting positive thoughts and intellect converged with the soul will ultimately take you to your destination which is Divinity where you can see the God.Remember the God lies in you all you need is to search a lighter to spark your matchstick.Very simple!


A time back WHO|UN Water Global analysis and assessment of sanitation & Drinking water (GLAAS) declared Cape town as a Dry city with no amount of consumable water left.The city is followed By Sao Paules(Brazil) and Bengaluru(India).Acute shortage of water in Cape town is coming as devastating calls for Indigenous people.Vanishing rainfall,poor water storage system,dry Dams and Borewells are adding the ice on the cake.

The local government almost shattered in implementing sound policies in the country regarding the same and handicapped technologies over water saving taking a country to a dead end.

The Declaration of “Day Zero” by South African government to tackle a water crisis will go for how much long nobody knows But the world has a eyes on them as there is so much to learn from them.

Chintamani ,a small town or taluk of Chikkaballapur district ,75km from Bengaluru is also on the same edge.Bengaluru being in the hitlist prepared by the GLAAS, so this is something came unsurprisingly.The tremors of water shortage is spreading their webs to nears and dears of Bengaluru city.

Despite of the Excellent farming system in the taluk and incredible water storage techniques, the outrage of the natural resource seemingly harsh.With the frequent dryspells over the decade in Chintamani and kolar took the towns to the driest areas in the map but Thanks to local people here how excellently they learnt to manage with a few.They really deserve a kudos for their incredible evolution for this drastic condition.

But this time ,Nature wants them to pay even more.With all the Borewells dry,Vanishing Underground water,Dry Dams and No rainfall .It seems this time its between Nature V/S MEN head to head.

Marappa , local farmer in the town is at the heights of the tensions with no water left in his tubewells.Where He will grow tomatoes now?Thats the Question which nobody can answer.All got a pause.His Cow stopped giving milk ,two goats died and lot more worst to come ,Similar situation Chandrakanta is facing.

Forget about Agriculture,during these days the outrage of nature in town is so harsh that even plants cannot escape.Agriculture can work with minimal amount of water if we have hands with the technology.We have technology but where is water and that’s too minimal amount.Tomato need water to grow .Can paddy grows without water.

“Water is a Oil in Agricultural technology which is Missing so Agriculture goes Black”

Boys hostel in College of sericulture,10 km from the main town Chintamani is facing a similar heat .
All the Borewells dug around the campus went Zero water.No water for drinking,Bathing,Washing and Agriculture thats something called too much problem in same basket.The Authority is on the sides of Questions but Castigating them is too nonsense.The Tankers are coming for the students day and night but how much money it is wiping per day Can you guess?

In the hostel it is common to say “If you ll wake up early in the morning you get the water otherwise you cant even wipe your ass.

Situation is crumbling Day by Day for everyone here in the town.Government should immediately take some striking actions over the cause otherwise Mankind will be wiping soon here and Migrations will come into play.

“Saunter in search of Matriarchal Outlook”

In 21st Century We are still in a idiosyncratic beleif or let me be more clearly sound this. We are still in a delusion of establishing a matriarchal society.

On our motherland,fathers are ruling a theatre which is something double-edge and thats what something we are not responsible of.

Stop blaming a men! Readers.Infact Men are the followers of their ancestry lines Aren’t they? Remember the time of Mahabharatha or Ramayana where all the men were meant for ruling,war and Political parlour or den and women were meant for doting their kids and to please their king.Ask yourself a Question.How many children queen were having during those days and how many queens the king were having ? Moving further

The word “SWAMI” utterred by the queen for their husband brings the satirical forms of it thats brings the reflection of the King or Men dominance over their queen or Women and from there spark of imbalance light up,so thats something coming from the ages and mind you the roots of it are still alive in us.The frequent flaying over men will always be creating a milesgap between Men and Women.

That’s my boy ! ,What a girlish act it was!,Why are you behaving like a girls? Thats something frequently used in our homes or in our society which veils the blurring persipicuity over the gender where the females are meant to be molest or rape and Men are meant to be?

Do you know the famous politician The kamala D harris the senate of California ,The Britain Pm Mrs Theresa May,Indian Defence Minister Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman,Tennis Star Serena Williams .All the great personified figures are always face their counterparts or Media racism or Sexism comments where Mrs Harris and Serena williams are always degraded for their colour,Theresa May frequently faces the sexist comments over her dress and upbringings.Are all their skills,talent or leadership are just on pages Readers?

The reservations of Women and child itself mark their weakness in the society or in the system.Check the Bus or metro if you have a doubt.The society itself a cartoonistic theatre where  women are always projected weak both physically or mentally or socially.

Businessmen or Big men always keep the secretary as female.Do you have to say anything over that? Thats not something sexism.Ask youself.

Majority of the accountant of business or other firms or schools or hospitals or banks are women Because customers find them attractive and thats something good for business.The concept of sexism itslf laid the foundation for women as just the mere sexy toy to play.

Many speaker speaks boldly about women empowerment saying that women are not weak citing an Example related to women parturition where she dominates her body pain in the whole game exemplifies the women strength.Are Men really listening them.

“The chasing of this mirage will take us to nowhere in the coming future.Men and Women may have biological differences but they are Horses of the same race”